Medical Addiction Marketing

Medical Addiction Marketing: bringing good patients and good programs together.

Medical Addiction Marketing is what we do. We provide focused content marketing. Our core values support the uniqueness of each individual patient and the understanding that we are all different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We celebrate individuality and uniqueness of our patients and our treatment programs.  Our goal is to bring together patients and programs with the best fit and the best chance for success.

We love working with small facilities.

Assembly-line, big box clinics are not ideal for patients. Hence, we are in favor of small medical practices and treatment programs. One-on-one interaction with a patient without the distractions of a busy large-scale healthcare facility works in favor of the patient’s recovery.

Our mission is to serve dedicated program directors, doctors and therapists.

There are great resources already available to help patients find doctors. Unfortunately, these listings can be hit-and-miss for the patient. Patients often start with their favorite search engine to look for help. When patients are searching, they use their mobile device.  Google, Bing, Yahoo are the primary starting points.  Therefore, we have specialized in working with these technologies.

The solution to building a practice and a program is not volume.

A common mistake is to seek more traffic. More phone calls. More emails. But, the problem is that this creates more work. This means more work without benefit to you or the patient. Hence, your existing patients lose your attention. You become distracted. So, why not focus your efforts?

We help your ideal patients find you.

When you are working with your ideal patients, you will enjoy your work. So, if you enjoy your work in helping patients, your patients will get better care. It will be easier for them to get better and recover. Let us help you and help your ideal patients. Let us help to bring you together.