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With years of experience in providing top notch ideal clinic SEO, we are able to offer our clients guaranteed SEO performance. SEO for medical clinics is not an easy task for most search engine marketing (SEM) specialists. Our unique value lies in our deep understanding of medical marketing services and our finely honed skills in engineering medical optimizations. Online marketing for doctors and healthcare website design is what we do best.

We Build The Best Healthcare Websites

When it comes to ideal clinic SEO and SEO for healthcare providers, to get the attention of the medical search engine that lies at the heart of Google and other top search engines, SEO for healthcare must be built-in at the foundation and from the very beginning of website design. 

While eye-catching design adds a nice touch, the driving force behind the best SEO for medical practices is quality cornerstone content, carefully crafted with specially selected healthcare keywords discretely and expertly blended into quality content. Not only does our content perform well in medical searches, it provides value to readers and establishes your digital platform as an authority in the field.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the act of designing a website and its content, including service pages and articles, to perform optimally in online searches. The goal is for your website to appear as often as possible on the first page of search results. Medical online marketing at its best involves the deployment of a carefully designed plan including best practice SEO for healthcare. 

While SEO for doctors is a task best left to the experts, it can still be cost effective SEO. Unlike traditional paid advertising, SEO for medical clinics builds lasting value in enhancing the visibility of a well-structured digital platform. SEO for healthcare is the ultimate investment in the future of your healthcare company. 

Paid (PPC) & Social Media

Paid advertising and broadcasting compelling content to social media can be an important component of your marketing effort. It is critical to approach paid advertising with caution, because it can become a money pit of you are not careful. 

Social Media is freely available to distribute your marketing message, but it is essential to take care in how you go about posting on social media to build a faithful audience without repelling potential clients. 

We excel in managing paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media as well as managing full, interactive social media campaigns. You can rely on our healthcare social media marketing expertise.

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Enhancing Medical Marketing Marketing Strategies

In addition to providing an expert approach to healthcare SEO, content creation and content marketing, as well as paid advertising and social media marketing for healthcare, we are also seasoned experts in balancing multiple campaigns for our clients who choose to take on the market on multiple fronts.

We will work directly with you to identify the best healthcare digital marketing lead generation strategy for your healthcare facility, ideal clinic, or dream clinic. We will make healthcare online marketing work for you.



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Frequently Asked Question

Keywords are still very important, but building good content takes more than just picking a single keyword phrase and repeating it throughout your text. It is important to now consider topic-based writing with many well-researched keywords carefully woven into the text in ways that provide value to the reader in terms of useful information. There also must be related thematic material across the entire website. As search engines evolve, we must keep up and stay ahead of the latest AI trends.

While there is a good argument for building a large email list, there are drawbacks to blindly building a list and broadcasting to the entire list regularly. Out of a mailing list of thousands of visitors, it is important to engage appropriately with those visitors who are most interested in your content. Email marketing is vital to your business, but must be structured properly for success. A well-managed email campaign can help to maintain a valuable connection to current clients as well as prospective clients who are considering paying for your services in the future.

LinkedIn is more valuable than many people realize. It is a different type of social network that allows you to network with peers in your industry. It is critical that you do not neglect your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is an excellent place to regularly repost your website content to engage your colleagues in discussion and debate over current topics in your field. By trending on LinkedIn with premium content, you will drive even more traffic to your website, and, you build new business relationships that can help to grow your business exponentially.

Your website should be your primary focus. SEO service with link building and premium content will drive traffic organically to your site. That being said, major social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, allow for free access to the public. Your content should start with your website, with automated services and curated services set up to broadcast your premium content to the major social media networks.

This is a common misperception. There are blogs with hundreds of pages of content spanning years of publishing efforts by the website owners. Many of these blogs have very little SEO traffic. In fact, there are very well written blogs out there that have no SEO traffic at all! The art and science of building content that provides value to website visitors and also generates the proper signals to get search engine ranking goes beyond simply writing blog posts on a regular basis.

While there is some controversy on this topic, it is clear that longer content tends to perform better. That being said, you will not get good results simply making your blog posts longer just for the sake of making them longer. The content must still be rich with original and useful information. Flat, lifeless informational articles are a thing of the past. Articles that contain 2,000-4,000 words and inject unique content with personality as well as solid actionable information will perform best. And, optimal keyword topic research must  be incorporated every step of the way.

The major SEO research companies publish proprietary calculated numbers to show how websites rank compared to each other. While each of the major companies, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz, publish slightly different comparison numbers, they are arrived at in similar ways. These numbers are referred to as Domain Authority, or Domain Ranking. While, on a large scale, these numbers do show accurate comparisons of sites, on the scale of looking at small business websites, there are great inaccuracies in these values. The issue is that Domain Authority does not reflect how Google, and other major search engines, look at websites now. In the past, backlinks and quality of backlinks were critical. Success was almost completely related to backlinks and little else. Domain Authority and similar rankings are based heavily on backlink profiles. The fact is that search has advanced further into the arena of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Premium content is more important than ever. It is possible for a website with a lower Domain Authority to far outperform a website with a much higher ranking on this scale.

Google My Business is the service on Google that sets up your business listing on Google Maps. It is critical for a local business to have this account properly set up. And, GMB is no longer simply a place to put your business location and hours. GMB allows for regular posting of information for the public to find when your business comes up in search. These posts can be updated manually, and connected with automation to your blog. The many facets of GMB must be properly managed for optimal success.

YouTube, being a Google property, is tightly integrated into Google search results and, by itself, is a powerful search engine. It is critical to maintain a YouTube channel and publish regularly. Even if your videos do not go viral, the fact that they are published, with optimized text content, links, and tags, will lead to your videos coming up in Google searches. It is possible to multiply your SEO success with refined YouTube content in a well-managed YouTube channel.