Website Management


Website Management: Design and Structure Optimization

There are many important details to consider when it comes to website design and optimization. The ideal website is not a flashy or a pretty page. If you want customers to find you and stay at your site, don’t pack it with overwhelming detail. The designs that appeal to search engines and customers must be designed in ways that are simple and clear. An effective, simple and clean design requires elements which are visible to the user and also elements which cannot be seen. We will help you to create a beautiful online machine that will generate new leads and phone calls to help build your business.

Website Management

Website Management: How you present yourself to the world.

When explaining how online marketing works to new clients, I often downplay website management at first. This is because my new clients believe that website appearance and design are the most important components of their campaign. You may believe that if you build it, customers will come. This is simply not true.

Yet, Website Management is still very important to the success of your online campaign.

So, while I may tell you that the appearance of your website is not the first priority, there will be a time early on that we will make it a priority. When the traffic starts coming in, it is of course important to look good and provide your customers with a good experience.

Our design services will put your website well above your competitors.

You may see fancy tricks on your competitors websites. Clever animations and slide shows are very popular. Yet, your customers will respond to the classic and simple design elements that stand the test of time. Proper use of color and proportions as well as clear logo and icon design and placement are key components. It is important to make your site design pleasing to the eyes of your visitors and to present information elegantly. Yet, design must also get out of the way of content so your viewers are not distracted.

Organization of content is another important consideration.

Website management overlaps with SEO practices in many areas. So, the structure decisions that make your website more accessible to web crawling programs of Google and Bing also make your site easier for humans to understand. In short, you do not want visitors to get lost in your site. The organization of content must make sense. And, it must be easy to navigate in and out of various sections of your site.

In conclusion, your site by itself will not draw traffic, but when it does, you want it to look great and you want it to be organized and make sense to your visitors. Once visitors find your website, if your site is well designed, they will stay and become your customer.