How do you create create digital content that performs?

In my opinion, you can take all of those digital marketing cheat sheets and marketing checklists and throw them in the trash. If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd when it comes to creating digital content, it is important to learn how to be an outlier, above and beyond the competition.

For the purpose of our discussion, we will consider content to be written articles, blog pages or blog posts that you put up on your business website. These pieces of written content serve multiple purposes to help your business, help your clients, and, most importantly, help the general public who visits your website looking for answers.

If you are new to the concepts of content marketing and search engine marketing, you may be wondering why you would want to provide free help to anyone. Especially, if you are in a service business, you may be concerned about giving away elements of your service that you would normally charge for.

The best way to grow and build your following and your business is to give your best knowledge and experience away for free.

For example, if you are an accountant and you have paying clients coming to you with questions about how to file taxes when they have particular investments, you may be hesitant to write articles about that topic. What if you answer a question in such a way that a visitor to your website gets their answer and no longer requires a paid consultation with you?

In some instances, this could be a valid concern. If you provide thorough and detailed information on topics that attract visitors to your website, you could answer questions that would normally lead to a paid client relationship. You may even help competitors looking to help their clients when they search for information on the web. 

Does this mean that you should guard your information and not share it with the public on your website? Should you hold your business secrets close and hold out for paying clients?

While this is an interesting dilemma, we must realize that we live in a different world from what we may have been used to a decade or two ago. That accountant who does not want to share their ideas with the world may think that the best way of attracting new clients is by word of mouth and old fashioned paid advertising.

Building authority in the world of digital marketing and search engines is a unique skill that takes specialized focused practice.

Yet, in today’s world, people find businesses and needed services by searching online using Google and other search engines. They look for information from trusted sources and authorities.

Most importantly, when a person searches for help, they will still likely want the assistance of a paid expert. Who is going to be recognized as the authority in the field who can help them? Wouldn’t you like to be that expert?

The answer to the dilemma of boosting marketing by giving away much of your best content for free is that the secret to gaining the best clients is to let them know who you are and why you are the best answer to their problems.

You may have read that the typical person who comes to your business and decides to become a paying client has already visited your website at least seven times. Whatever the number is, it is true that the best customer is an educated consumer who has explored many options and settled on your business as being the best solution.

How can you take your content above the level of simply being a commodity?

Your digital content will raise you above being simply a commodity in your market. While a digital marketing checklist may provide a starting point when learning about how to create website content, you will discover after some time, that the secret ingredient to transcendent content creation is to discovering the secrets that are often not on those free checklists.

There is a flexibility, flow, and fluidity to writing top performing content that transcends any digital content marketing checklist or cheatsheet available. As you gain practice and learn new techniques to add to your toolbox, you will develop a strength and finesse that is unmatched by your competition.

Tapping into the magic of AI content writing, meaning that you understand how to appeal to the Google AI content review system activated by their advanced web crawlers, is only the beginning. You must learn how to appeal to human and AI readers. There is no cookie cutter solution to developing this skill.

How can you learn to tell your story and to tell stories that will help you to reach your ideal client?

It takes life experience, story telling skills, and even computer programming, coding, and software architecture design skills. Written content that performs at the top and is long lasting in its appeal takes a variety of disciplines blended and combined in such a way to have both broad and very focused appeal.

I once worked with a client who was terrified of a blank page. He told me that he would sit in front of his computer screen for hours with a feeling of dread, anxiety, and even depression. The words would not come to him. He did not know where to start.

How did he go from that start to a top content producer in his field? When we spoke about his problem, I asked him what questions his clients asked him during his work day. We also sat down together and read through many pages of forum posts with conversations and questions on topics in his field.

After a few days of exploration, introspection and note taking, he was ready to start. He brainstormed and listed many possible article topics. He realized that it was all about helping people and answering their most burning questions.

The secret to reaching people was to provide answers from his own expert experience in helping people. He also learned to explore new topics that he had interest in and share his explorations with his audience.

You can start by broadening your horizons and learning how to bring together your life experiences and wisdom to become a guru and master of your chosen field.

I also recommended to him that he broaden his horizons by reading fiction novels, watching television programs, reading topics in the news, and most importantly, exploring topics from his own interests. Another secret to his success was to learn to connect unrelated topics, and how to map topics from one space to another, and find where seemingly unrelated information had unusual and interesting intersections.

Bruce Lee, the master of the one-inch power punch, spoke about being like water, with an ability to take the shape of any container, to slip through the cracks, to be formless, open minded, yet powerful in a relentless way, unmatched by any other element. He also spoke of practicing your best skill over and over and over again, until you are the unrivaled master.

You can find great inspiration in studying motivational quotes and videos and exploring your own interests to move forward in creating compelling content that does more than fit a basic checklist. Did you write 300 words? Did you use your focus keyword 2-3 times or 2-3% or whatever they are recommending these days? Unfortunately, these keys are going to put you right in the center of the pack of all of the other content creators.

If you are planning to write to a checklist, you may as well hire an agency to write the content for you and it will look nice, as long as no one looks too closely at it. Good content should answer questions and show how you can think outside of the box. And, it should tell a story and take your reader on a journey that goes above and beyond what is necessary to explain the basics.

Be the top expert in your field. Be the authority. Do not be afraid of stepping into that role.

Imagine that you are standing on a beach on a deserted island. You are all alone and you hope to connect with a passing ship. All you have is your knowledge, creativity, and experience, and a collection of paper, bottles, and a pen.

You want to throw messages in bottles into the water in hopes of being discovered. But imagine, if you could be discovered by your ideal passing ship. What if you could reach that one ship that will take you to a place beyond your wildest dreams? 

What if the ship that gets your message is a ship of colonists looking to make their home on an island just like yours. Why leave the island at all if you can reach a ship that needs you to guide them, and together, you can make an ideal home of your island?

Now is the time to get started. Start writing. Put your words out there and see who finds them. In the beginning, the passing ships that show up on your beach may not be the ones you are hoping to reach. That is fine. You can wave to them and stay there on your beach, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the feel of the sand under your feet.

What are the secrets to connecting the dots and writing the best performing digital content in your area of expertise?

As you continue working, in a place of freedom and endless possibilities, you will develop the skills over time to reach your ideal clients. You will learn the secrets of how to reach the people that you want to do business with for a lifetime.

Have you ever heard the story about Acres of Diamonds? If not, I suggest that you look it up. You will also find a recording of a great motivational speaker and writer who tells a compelling rendition of the story.

Where you are right now in business and life could be the best place to find the success and happiness you are looking for. As the story says, you may be standing on your own acres of diamonds right now.

Your goal now should be researching, dissecting, bisecting, synthesizing, and distilling so that you may discover the most powerful and poignant bleeding edge strategies. As you progress, you will discover that by fanning the flame, you fill find your greatest fans. You will discover that there are people out in the world who are looking for you and will be your friends and followers for life. Some of these people will also want to work with you as clients, and possibly even as business partners or investors. 

Suddenly, one day, you will wake up on your island, no longer looking for a way to escape and get back home. You will realize that you have built your own island paradise and that you are now living your dream right where you are.

Setting goals can work for you, but it can also work against you in your journey to being the ultimate content creator.

You may have read and heard that setting goals is of the utmost importance to attaining success in life. While goals can help to reach certain milestones in life, the problem with goals is that they can also limit you. During your journey to success, your definition of success may change over time. You may realize that your goals have changed and that the target you are aiming for is not the target you want to hit anymore.

If you want to set a goal for yourself, you will do well to set the goal to start writing and write every day. Set a reminder on your phone or other device to go off every morning to remind you to write.

Never stop writing. Never stop publishing. Learn to transcend all competition. Be a Content Unicorn.

Share your writing. Meet new friends and associates who resonate with what you write. Don’t worry about how to boost your marketing today or tomorrow. 

Focus on the magic of digital content creation and getting your message out. Learn how to craft your message in new, interesting, and unique ways. 

Become like Johann Sebastian Bach, when he published one of his greatest works, The Art of Fugue and The Well Tempered Clavier. Bach’s intention was to teach by example and to create works that would stand the test of time as examples to lead his ideal audience, future great composers, to learn his art and further their own art.

In transcending the common content creation dogma of cheatsheets and lists, you too can become a master of your art and a creative genius. You too can reach your ideal audience who will follow you anywhere. They may even lead you to new and wonderful places that you never imagined going to. Your ideal future and ideal life starts today, with a single word on a blank page.