Treatment Center Marketing: Building Your Brand And Your Identity

treatment center marketing

Who are you?

This is the ultimate question? Who are you and what are you all about? In other words, what makes you treatment center unique and special? While it is hard to stand out in the crowd, if you place the focus on your unique advantages, you will connect with your ideal clients. Treatment center marketing is a highly competitive field right now, so you must learn how to stand above the competition.

Treatment Center Marketing For Smart People.

Anyone can pay a marketing company to do the job for them. Unfortunately, if throwing money at the problem is your solution, you are competing with other centers who may have a lot more money to throw around. Also, many expensive marketing solutions are completely ineffective. Flushing the money down the toilet would be equally effective. Therefore, if you want to be successful on a budget, it takes intelligence and creativity. In fact, it is possible to outshine the competition who spends far more than you on marketing. One place to start is by looking at free marketing resources. For example, SAMHSA provides free listings for certain types of drug rehab programs.

Learning is the key to success.

There are many excellent courses on SEO, website management and social media marketing. Additionally, there are also some great coaches and mentors who can help you to learn and master the art and science of online marketing. You will find that the art is more important than the science. While there are many technical details to learn, in the end, balancing your content properly and doing creative research is of the utmost importance. Remember, you must provide unique, valuable information to build a following. Over time, members of your audience will convert to being your clients.

Treatment center marketing is not that hard.

While it is fine to hire an agency to help manage your campaign, you should also be educated about how things work. You should understand why your agency does what they do and you should be able to catch mistakes. An agency is your partner and helper, they should not be running your entire campaign. You are always the leader and you must understand what your agency does under your leadership. That being said, when you have gained experience in fields such as SEO, video and social media marketing, you will find that it is fun and rewarding. You are constantly building a library of content. You will always be learning new ways to provide value to your clients.

Rehab For Sale: Where Dinosaurs Go To Die

rehab for sale

The Meteor Has Already Struck

Impact. A cloud of dust, large enough to darken the entire planet, has been kicked up into the atmosphere. Large dinosaurs lumber about, dazed and confused. Small mammals scurry about, taking advantage of a new world where they can finally thrive. Rehab for sale signs are going up. Hence, the dinosaur carcasses are on the auction block.

So, why are things changing now? Why are we seeing rehab for sale everywhere?

We are at a turning point where a confluence of events have brought about massive change in a short time. First of all, traditional rehab has been selling a product that is mostly a failure. It works for a small percentage of patients, which is fine when there is no better solution. Now, in the midst of an opioid epidemic, we have real medical treatment that works and many rehabs still reject it. That is true insanity.

Embracing change.

Fortunately, some rehabs are adapting and now are including MAT programs. For this, we should applaud them. Others have resisted adding medical treatment programs that work. While they may believe they are doing the right thing, they may soon face serious liability issues.

Teaching a person to fish.

As they say, teach a person to fish and they will be fed for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many rehabs have a bad habit of only wanting to buy their fish. What this means is that this new world requires that businesses learn to own their marketing systems. Learning to build your brand is hard, but it is now an essential skill. Gone are the days when you can fully outsource your business’s marketing. No where is this more true than in the addiction treatment industry. Some say they are addicted to the old model of marketing as this article puts it.

The Dawning of a new era.

As large rehabs go out of business and put up the rehab for sale signs, we should not mourn their loss. In the midst of the falling of these old, stately dinosaurs, there is a groundswell of small and agile treatment programs that understand how adapt in this new world. They understand how to use evidence based treatments to get better results. Additionally, they know how to connect and to build a following that will keep them in business for many years to come.

Next Level Addiction Marketing

next level addiction marketing

It is time for you to engage in Next Level Addiction Marketing

So, what is Next Level Addiction Marketing? How can it help to build your business quickly and effectively? And, what makes it different from traditional marketing?

First, what do we mean by traditional marketing?

You may think I am talking about print media, such as newspapers and magazines. Maybe you think I am talking about radio and television as well. In fact, by traditional marketing, I mean search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) marketing. For years now, we have seen the power of writing original content online based on the keywords that our costumers are searching for.

Welcome to Next Level Addiction Marketing.

The next level is multimedia. By this I mean audio and video. In particular, I want to discuss the power of podcasting. You may have overlooked this unique and incredibly powerful way to reach new customers and engage existing customers.

Why is podcasting better than other forms of multimedia?

Don’t get me wrong. Video on sites such as YouTube are excellent. It is important to do videos right if you choose this route. Production value is of the utmost importance. Sound quality is of primary importance. Also, you must consider good editing practices. After making the video, you have to write good copy for the video description. YouTube has one of the best search engines and, if you do a good job, you will be found by users worldwide. Yet, podcasting can be a better option. Especially an interview format podcast. Podcasting can be audio only. It is relatively easy to do an interview, process the audio, and put it up as a podcast. With a little extra work, you can feature experts in your field as guests to add credibility and useful content for your listeners beyond what you can provide alone.

What can you do if you choose not to get into the podcasting business?

While podcasting is relatively easy compared to other forms of next level addiction marketing formats, it is still not a trivial task. Audio quality must be good or you will quickly lose listeners. It takes time for a podcast to build an audience. Another option is to work with an existing podcast as a sponsor.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

Sponsoring a good podcast in your field is a way to be part of the production without doing the hard work of finding guests and editing recordings. It is like being a movie producer. By making a financial commitment, you can have input into guest selection and your business will be advertised by the host during the podcast, or at the beginning, depending on your particular arrangement. There will also be promotion in show notes, the podcast website, social media and more. Sponsoring an addiction treatment podcast is an excellent way to leverage next level addiction marketing.

The Power Of Being First In SEO

first in SEO

The ultimate goal in any SEO campaign is to reach first place.

If it is not at least possible to be first in SEO in your niche, you may want to re-evaluate your campaign. While climbing up through the ranks is important, you must have your sights on the top position. Working with an SEO specialist can help you to achieve this ranking.

What does it mean to be first in SEO?

The most important of all is to appear on the first page of search results. In the old days, you would type in a search and then read through the whole page of results. If you did not see the result you were looking for, you would then click on the link for the next page of results. You might even look through many pages of results.

Things have changed with how people search.

The way we search on Google and other search engines has changed. We now expect to find what we are looking for on the first page. If we do not see what we want right away, we are more likely to change the text of our search than to look at the second page. Our expectations have changed as search engines get better at giving us the results we are looking for. If we don’t see what we want, we assume the problem is with what we typed in the search box.

It is all about phones now.

Another issue that is critical is mobile search. More searches are occurring on phones and mobile devices than on desktop computers. If you are driving, walking or standing and quickly looking for a specific type of business on your phone, you will see that you tend to look at the first result. If there is a phone number that can you can click on and dial, you will not even click through to the website. In fact, many successful SEO marketed business owners report that customers find their business on Google but did not even go to the website.

Being first in SEO matters.

So, while being on the first page is critical, being the very first result in search makes a huge difference. Many of your potential customers will simply call the very first business that comes up at the top of the search results. If you are second, your best hope is that the first business does not answer the phone fast enough or does not provide the service your customer is looking for.

How do I get to be number one?

To be first in SEO, there are many factors to consider. Links from authoritative sites are important as well as having good and relevant content on your website. This Entrepreneur article discusses ways to obtain quality backlinks. Local SEO factors also must be considered. Another factor to consider is to avoid any activities that penalize your ranking, especially with Google. Having points against you can make all the difference. For example, if you run a nearly perfect campaign and you have not optimized your site for mobile, it can bump you down in ranking.

Consider the competition.

It is also important to identify your competitors and see how they rank and how they do it. There are tools that will show you how your competitors are achieving their high search ranking. In your quest to get to first in SEO, you may find it difficult or nearly impossible due to high levels of competition.

How to survive in a competitive market.

When there is just too much competition to make it to the top in search, it is time to get creative. Start thinking about what makes your business unique and what you do differently than your competition. In your marketing campaign, you must call attention to why you are different and why you are better. You may find that it takes time to experiment with various ideas for reaching a niche market where the noise of excess competition is absent. Once you make a connection and discover how you can climb to the top in search engine results, you will find that SEO digital marketing is the ultimate way to attract new customers to your business.