SEO Forest: Seeing The Trees For The Forest

Imagine that you are walking through the SEO Forest.

In the SEO Forest, there are trees of every size. There are towering trees that seem to reach the sky. Then there are a variety of trees of many sizes. Some are also quite tall. Then, there are shorter trees. Those of which you could probably climb to the top. They are tall enough to reach a second or third story window. Finally, you have the little saplings. Those little trees that may come up to your waist or shoulders but are very fragile and small still yet as you walk through the forest, you can still see them clearly. These are young trees that are being nurtured to grow big and tall.

Now imagine that these trees are websites.

Those towering trees that are so high that you cannot even see the tops represent the billion-dollar companies. These are the websites of companies we all know well. Facebook Google Amazon Apple. These are like trees that grow to the sky, towering far above the rest of the SEO forest.

In this analogy, when we talked about the size and height of these trees, we are describing SEO visibility.

SEO visibility represents how likely it is that prospective customers will find your website near the top of a typical search for your services. When you start a new website no matter how fancy the design, no matter how beautiful, your website is still a seed, hidden under the ground. Unfortunately, without some work that goes beyond website design, few people will find your website.

Your website is like a seedling, planted underground, invisible to the world.

Your website cannot be seen by anybody other than those people whom you are close to, such as friends and family. You direct them to go visit your website. However, there is a way to get strangers to come visit your site. The way to do this quickly is by paid advertising.

Think of paid advertising as being the equivalent of putting a large billboard over the place where you planted your seed.

Imagine that the billboard has a large sign printed on it that says, “Please visit my little seed, planted down here”, with an arrow pointing to where you planted your seed under the ground. People passing by will crouch down to view the little mound where you planted your little seed. You are paying for a sign to guide them in.

Do you know what happens when you stop paying for paid advertising? Your website is instantly invisible again.

Imagine that that the billboard is taken from the ground. It is taken away. Your seed, planted under the ground, again becomes completely invisible to the world.

With paid advertising, the minute you stop paying, the benefits are immediately cut off. They evaporate, like a light mist into the wind. They are gone forever. Or, until you start paying again.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your website’s reputation start to grow?

Would you like to see it become a young sapling that stands tall above the soil, poking out above the ground? Once your tree starts to grow, you continue to nourish it. You help it to grow higher and higher, bigger and stronger. It will flourish. And, it will be visible for the world to see.

You must create something of value for your audience.

This is what SEO content marketing can do for your website. It takes a little more time and a little more effort in the beginning. The long-term results will be far more effective than short-term paid advertising. You can always choose to also do some paid advertising along the way, such as pay per click on Google or Bing. Or, various types of Facebook paid ads.

What is the cost of building site reputation with SEO content marketing?

You may say to yourself, “Doesn’t SEO work also cost money? Doesn’t that make it a form of paid advertising?” While it is true that SEO work costs money and it is not cheap, the money spent is on building a reputation. Your true authority is established on the internet to your community, to your country, or to the world.

Connections are formed. Links are established. While maintenance is recommended, you can learn, in time, to care for and manage your site’s SEO visibility on your own or with little additional help. You are building something real and something lasting. You are providing value to those who seek your help. By doing this the right way, you will also attract many new customers.

Making new high quality connections will make your website more visible in searches.

Think about what those large trees in the SEO forest are doing. What is it that these large websites for large companies are doing that make them so highly visible in the search engine landscape? These companies provide value for a large number of people.

While becoming the next Facebook is not necessarily a good initial goal for a local company just starting its marketing campaign, you can start by providing value to your audience which will carry your message to prospective customers. This is achieved by articles, blog posts, videos and much more. Media on your site and provided to other many other sites is our goal.

We are here to help you.

If you are interested your beautiful company website becoming more than just a snug little seed planted below the SEO forest floor, please contact us for more information on our SEO content marketing services. Let us help to grow the reputation of your website so that it may see the light of day and be seen by your local community and by the world.

Providing Value To Your Callers With Helpful Information And Encouragement

How are you providing value to those who reach out to you?

In the addiction treatment business, as your marketing efforts improve, you will get a lot of calls from people whom you cannot help directly. It may be that they are seeking a service that you do not provide. Or, it could be that they have insurance that you do not accept. They may be a perfect fit for your program, yet, they are out of your physical region and travel is not practical.  So, how will you be providing value to these callers?

How do you handle these calls?

You may find yourself quickly dismissing those callers who do not meet your criteria. You may see their calls as a waste of your time.

Of course, the ideal in marketing, is to focus your advertising in such a way to minimize these calls. You hope that you only get calls from people that are a good match. The people whom you can schedule to come in for treatment. In a perfect world, you may think this is how it should work.

It’s not all about conversion rates.

While I agree that marketing should be focused and targeted to lead to as high a conversion rate as possible, the addiction treatment field is unique. We are not selling time share plans. And, we are not selling motivational sales courses. We are reaching out to people who desperately need our help.

We all know that meetings are free.

Believe it or not, people who are not aware of 12-step fellowships will find your website, your YouTube video or your Google Maps listing. It takes very little effort to give a little free advice.

Imagine the difference you might make in someone’s life with a simple, brief discussion about NA or AA meetings. You might also mention Celebrate Recovery or another recovery program if you sense it to be appropriate.

Even if the person on the other end of the call already knows about recovery meetings, your reminder could be the little push they need to go back again. A few words of encouragement can go a long way.

We are providing value by pointing people in the right direction.

Also, for people seeking medication assisted treatment, there are free resources for finding local doctors. If a caller is out of your area, it doesn’t hurt to mention that they might go to the SAMHSA doctor finder or Treatment Match. These programs are providing value.

You can also keep a list of patient assistance programs and advise people on free programs that are available. There are free medication programs. Also, there are free inpatient and detox programs. It can help even to mention the existence of such assistance programs so the caller may do their own research.

Helping an addict who asks for help is the right thing to do.

When you help someone to get help, you may try to see how it will benefit you. It is very well possible that it will benefit you in some way. The caller may come back to you in the future for your services because you were so helpful. They may refer other people who qualify for your program.

The best reason to help as many of your callers as possible is because it is the right thing to do. We work in an industry where we reach out to people who need guidance and direction. They have taken a difficult step in asking for your help. Please, even if you cannot provide a direct service to that person, do whatever you can to help them on their journey to recovery.