Scare Tactics From Those Who Would Take Away Your Freedom

scare tactics

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled with fear

Suddenly, in the addiction marketing space, there has been a flurry of scare tactics used to strike fear into the hearts of treatment programs. They write about how the world of addiction marketing is going down in flames. Treatment centers are failing, shutting down, selling for whatever they can get to cash out. There is no hope.

Driven by scare tactics.

The use of fear as a motivator is to drive you forward and right into their arms. They are the only ones who can keep you safe. It will all work out if you place your trust, and money, in their hands. When you act out of fear, you hand over control to someone else. You give up a piece of your personal and professional freedom.

You have the power.  Create your system. Own your marketing machine.

The fact is that you can do it. You don’t have to panic and run in fear to the fear mongers. What are they going to do for you anyways? Are they going to get you listed on trusted addiction resource media sites? That’s great. What do you think they do for all of their other clients? Join the herd. How are you going to get noticed that way? And, what happens if you decide to stop paying? Do they pull all of your listings? Will they turn off the spigot to make the phone calls stop? Do they attack you relentlessly with even more scare tactics.

It is time to take control and learn how to build your marketing machine.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an agency to work for you to handle the heavy lifting. But, be sure that you are running the show. Marketing is the core of your business. If there is anything that you should put your heart and soul into, it is how you market yourself. This is not simply sales. What I am talking about is putting your brand out there and letting your ideal audience know who you are and what you stand for. Tell your story. Let them know what makes you different from the others. Be creative. Try everything. Find out what works and what doesn’t.

We would be happy to help.

Our way of consulting with clients is to help them to learn to help themselves. We want you to learn how to create your own marketing system that will develop a life of its own and keep on working for you. While it is true that there are roadblocks in place, as noted in this article, that make it a little more difficult to advertise addiction treatment programs, think of these obstacles more as opportunities. They present ways to develop your creativity and find new, different and better ways to work around to reach your audience, including SEO and much, much more. Find as many ways as possible. Future proof your marketing system so no one platform owns you.

Freedom is not easy.

You want to be free. This is human nature to seek freedom. But, freedom never comes easy. This is the most important lesson to start with. You are going to have to be vigilant and persistent. No matter what, never give up. Make a decision now that you are going to commit to making this work. And, don’t be afraid. Ignore the scare tactics.

The Power Of Being First In SEO

first in SEO

The ultimate goal in any SEO campaign is to reach first place.

If it is not at least possible to be first in SEO in your niche, you may want to re-evaluate your campaign. While climbing up through the ranks is important, you must have your sights on the top position. Working with an SEO specialist can help you to achieve this ranking.

What does it mean to be first in SEO?

The most important of all is to appear on the first page of search results. In the old days, you would type in a search and then read through the whole page of results. If you did not see the result you were looking for, you would then click on the link for the next page of results. You might even look through many pages of results.

Things have changed with how people search.

The way we search on Google and other search engines has changed. We now expect to find what we are looking for on the first page. If we do not see what we want right away, we are more likely to change the text of our search than to look at the second page. Our expectations have changed as search engines get better at giving us the results we are looking for. If we don’t see what we want, we assume the problem is with what we typed in the search box.

It is all about phones now.

Another issue that is critical is mobile search. More searches are occurring on phones and mobile devices than on desktop computers. If you are driving, walking or standing and quickly looking for a specific type of business on your phone, you will see that you tend to look at the first result. If there is a phone number that can you can click on and dial, you will not even click through to the website. In fact, many successful SEO marketed business owners report that customers find their business on Google but did not even go to the website.

Being first in SEO matters.

So, while being on the first page is critical, being the very first result in search makes a huge difference. Many of your potential customers will simply call the very first business that comes up at the top of the search results. If you are second, your best hope is that the first business does not answer the phone fast enough or does not provide the service your customer is looking for.

How do I get to be number one?

To be first in SEO, there are many factors to consider. Links from authoritative sites are important as well as having good and relevant content on your website. This Entrepreneur article discusses ways to obtain quality backlinks. Local SEO factors also must be considered. Another factor to consider is to avoid any activities that penalize your ranking, especially with Google. Having points against you can make all the difference. For example, if you run a nearly perfect campaign and you have not optimized your site for mobile, it can bump you down in ranking.

Consider the competition.

It is also important to identify your competitors and see how they rank and how they do it. There are tools that will show you how your competitors are achieving their high search ranking. In your quest to get to first in SEO, you may find it difficult or nearly impossible due to high levels of competition.

How to survive in a competitive market.

When there is just too much competition to make it to the top in search, it is time to get creative. Start thinking about what makes your business unique and what you do differently than your competition. In your marketing campaign, you must call attention to why you are different and why you are better. You may find that it takes time to experiment with various ideas for reaching a niche market where the noise of excess competition is absent. Once you make a connection and discover how you can climb to the top in search engine results, you will find that SEO digital marketing is the ultimate way to attract new customers to your business.

Medical Technology As A Tool To Give Doctors Freedom

Medical Technology brings freedom to doctors

While medical technology may seem like a threat to many doctors, it can also provide a path to their freedom. Doctors feel as if they are chained to their desk, day and night. They click through endless pages and menus of their EMR. Just taking notes has become nearly impossible.

Technology systems now track every move of a patient through a hospital or clinic. Patients grade their doctors in electronic surveys. Medical technology makes it possible to optimize and get doctors to see more patients per day.

The Quantified Doctor.

With software systems tracking a doctor’s every move, administrators try to influence the curve. If a doctor’s performance is falling off, a carrot or a stick can be employed to keep the doctor on track. Performance numbers must stay up, not down.

The hamster wheel.

Worse than the rat race is the hamster wheel. Imagine a fat hamster running as fast as it can to spin a wheel in a cage. How long can the hamster keep going? How far can it be pushed.

Medicine is an art and a science.

In both art and science, creativity and room to breath are required. A doctor needs time to think, to plan, to ponder and to recover. Patients deserve better than a hamster on a wheel. They need a doctor who has time to stop and listen. A doctor needs the time and space to see their patient as a whole person.

A human being has many moving parts in their life.

It takes more than five minutes in a room to help a patient to restore balance. If you are a doctor, clicking through EMR menus, buttons and boxes all night while your family enjoys dinner in the next room does little to help the patient. It doesn’t help you or your family either.

So how can medical technology help you, the doctor, to get off of the hamster wheel?

First, reduce the concept of being a doctor its purest form. A doctor meets with a patient and uses special knowledge and experience to help the patient. Second, imagine if you could remove everything else from the equation. Drop the administrators, the abusive bosses and staff. Then, drop restrictive and overreaching insurance companies as well.

What is left?

Imagine a doctor in a room with a patient with all of the space and time needed to solve problems and answer questions. How can medical technology help to make this possible?

Dropping out.

You can drop out of the system. All you really need is a room to see your patients and a few tools. You have a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, a scale and an assortment of other items. What you do not need is a team of disapproving administrators to tell you that you cannot use the bathroom until your work is done.

Patients need to find doctors.

There are people in the world who want quality medical care. They want to talk to a doctor without feeling as if the doctor is already running out the door. How do they find you? The system is set up for patients to most easily find the doctors who work in the abusive hamster wheel system.

Medical technology that brings us together.

Thanks to the internet and our new artificially intelligent search engines, there are technologies in place to help us reach new patients. We simply need to define who our ideal patient is and determine who we, as doctors are. What are our best skills? To whom can we provide the best possible care?

With a little help, you, the doctor, can reach new patients easily.

The key is in what is now known as content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Content marketing simply means to thoroughly present ourselves to the public in an online space. It works best if we also provide true value at no cost. We put information out on the web to be found and used. It can be text, audio or video.

How do I get started with content marketing?

First, sit down in front of your computer, open a word processor and start writing. Then, become comfortable with putting your thoughts into words. Think carefully about how you want your future medical practice to be. What kind of patients do you imagine helping?

The next step.

When you are ready, you will want to set up a website with a blog. You will also want a YouTube account and various social media accounts. It is time to pull everything together. So, when you present a complete picture to the world of who you are and how you can help, your new patients will find you and call for an appointment.

No need for the system anymore.

When patients are able to call you and have a direct relationship, this is called disintermediation. this means cutting out the middlemen. You will find out that the abusive system that had you running on that wheel is no longer necessary. Hence, you can define your own life and lifestyle. So, you can help your patients to heal and, at the same time, heal yourself.

What if I don’t know anything about websites, videos, blogs and social media?

That is OK. You do not need to be an expert in everything. You can get help from experts in online content marketing and SEO. Ideally, you will want to look for a company that specializes in medical marketing. There are many internet marketers, but most do not understand the nuances of the medical field.

Our focus is on medical addiction marketing.

If you find that your interest lies in helping patients overcome addiction, we may be able to help. We specialize in Addiction Treatment SEO, Addiction Treatment Lead Generation, Addiction Treatment Marketing and Drug Rehab Marketing. Many doctors are entering this field to do their part in fighting the current opioid epidemic in the US. So, if you are a doctor in a competitive market, we can help you to get your practice started.

SEO Forest: Seeing The Trees For The Forest

Imagine that you are walking through the SEO Forest.

In the SEO Forest, there are trees of every size. There are towering trees that seem to reach the sky. Then there are a variety of trees of many sizes. Some are also quite tall. Then, there are shorter trees. Those of which you could probably climb to the top. They are tall enough to reach a second or third story window. Finally, you have the little saplings. Those little trees that may come up to your waist or shoulders but are very fragile and small still yet as you walk through the forest, you can still see them clearly. These are young trees that are being nurtured to grow big and tall.

Now imagine that these trees are websites.

Those towering trees that are so high that you cannot even see the tops represent the billion-dollar companies. These are the websites of companies we all know well. Facebook Google Amazon Apple. These are like trees that grow to the sky, towering far above the rest of the SEO forest.

In this analogy, when we talked about the size and height of these trees, we are describing SEO visibility.

SEO visibility represents how likely it is that prospective customers will find your website near the top of a typical search for your services. When you start a new website no matter how fancy the design, no matter how beautiful, your website is still a seed, hidden under the ground. Unfortunately, without some work that goes beyond website design, few people will find your website.

Your website is like a seedling, planted underground, invisible to the world.

Your website cannot be seen by anybody other than those people whom you are close to, such as friends and family. You direct them to go visit your website. However, there is a way to get strangers to come visit your site. The way to do this quickly is by paid advertising.

Think of paid advertising as being the equivalent of putting a large billboard over the place where you planted your seed.

Imagine that the billboard has a large sign printed on it that says, “Please visit my little seed, planted down here”, with an arrow pointing to where you planted your seed under the ground. People passing by will crouch down to view the little mound where you planted your little seed. You are paying for a sign to guide them in.

Do you know what happens when you stop paying for paid advertising? Your website is instantly invisible again.

Imagine that that the billboard is taken from the ground. It is taken away. Your seed, planted under the ground, again becomes completely invisible to the world.

With paid advertising, the minute you stop paying, the benefits are immediately cut off. They evaporate, like a light mist into the wind. They are gone forever. Or, until you start paying again.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your website’s reputation start to grow?

Would you like to see it become a young sapling that stands tall above the soil, poking out above the ground? Once your tree starts to grow, you continue to nourish it. You help it to grow higher and higher, bigger and stronger. It will flourish. And, it will be visible for the world to see.

You must create something of value for your audience.

This is what SEO content marketing can do for your website. It takes a little more time and a little more effort in the beginning. The long-term results will be far more effective than short-term paid advertising. You can always choose to also do some paid advertising along the way, such as pay per click on Google or Bing. Or, various types of Facebook paid ads.

What is the cost of building site reputation with SEO content marketing?

You may say to yourself, “Doesn’t SEO work also cost money? Doesn’t that make it a form of paid advertising?” While it is true that SEO work costs money and it is not cheap, the money spent is on building a reputation. Your true authority is established on the internet to your community, to your country, or to the world.

Connections are formed. Links are established. While maintenance is recommended, you can learn, in time, to care for and manage your site’s SEO visibility on your own or with little additional help. You are building something real and something lasting. You are providing value to those who seek your help. By doing this the right way, you will also attract many new customers.

Making new high quality connections will make your website more visible in searches.

Think about what those large trees in the SEO forest are doing. What is it that these large websites for large companies are doing that make them so highly visible in the search engine landscape? These companies provide value for a large number of people.

While becoming the next Facebook is not necessarily a good initial goal for a local company just starting its marketing campaign, you can start by providing value to your audience which will carry your message to prospective customers. This is achieved by articles, blog posts, videos and much more. Media on your site and provided to other many other sites is our goal.

We are here to help you.

If you are interested your beautiful company website becoming more than just a snug little seed planted below the SEO forest floor, please contact us for more information on our SEO content marketing services. Let us help to grow the reputation of your website so that it may see the light of day and be seen by your local community and by the world.

Getting Your Business On The Map

It is surprising how many medical treatment facilities are not on the maps.

When I say, not on the map, I am mainly referring to Google Maps. Many businesses are not listed at all or they are listed but not claimed.

What does it mean for your business not to be claimed?

This means that you have not associated your Google account with your map listing. This might seem complicated, but it’s not.

First, you need a Google Account.

One easy way to sign up with Google is to set up a new email account at You simply choose the new account setup option. Then, fill in all of the requested information.

Second, go to and search for Google My Business.

Here, you will be able to sign in with your Google account and claim your business.  You can also find it by clicking here. If you have multiple Google accounts, check the upper right corner to make sure you are signed in to the correct account.

Third, fill in the important information about your business.

You will, of course, have to enter the address. This is how Google Maps will know where you are located.  When you enter your business name, be accurate.  Google’s automated artificially intelligent systems will flag errors and information that is not consistent with your actual business.  Entering your hours of business will be very helpful to your customers to know when you are open and when you are closed.

Fourth, verify your business.

Your business will not appear as claimed if you do not verify. When you choose the option to verify, you will enter information to arrange for a postcard.  The postcard will arrive within a week or two.  On the postcard is a number code.  This number will be used to verify your business listing with Google. This process is to protect you from having strangers or competitors take over your business listing.

You may see an increase in business from setting up your map listing.

It is typical for businesses to see an increase in phone calls and customers after setting up this maps listing. You were literally hidden from view before setting this up.  Businesses that previously relied on word-of-mouth referrals and street visibility may have not considered the importance of internet presence. Today’s customers all carry smart phones that can easily search and locate nearby businesses on the map.  If you are not there, they will not find you.

Let us know if you need help.

As part of our SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing service for medical addiction businesses, we routinely set up and optimize maps listings on multiple map systems, including Google, Apple and Bing.  If you find this process confusing or difficult, please contact us for more information about our services.