Scare Tactics From Those Who Would Take Away Your Freedom

scare tactics

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled with fear Suddenly, in the addiction marketing space, there has been a flurry of scare tactics used to strike fear into the hearts of treatment programs. They write about how the world of addiction marketing is going down in flames. Treatment centers are failing, shutting down, selling for whatever […]

The Power Of Being First In SEO

first in SEO

The ultimate goal in any SEO campaign is to reach first place. If it is not at least possible to be first in SEO in your niche, you may want to re-evaluate your campaign. While climbing up through the ranks is important, you must have your sights on the top position. Working with an SEO […]

Medical Technology As A Tool To Give Doctors Freedom

Medical Technology brings freedom to doctors While medical technology may seem like a threat to many doctors, it can also provide a path to their freedom. Doctors feel as if they are chained to their desk, day and night. They click through endless pages and menus of their EMR. Just taking notes has become nearly […]

SEO Forest: Seeing The Trees For The Forest

Imagine that you are walking through the SEO Forest. In the SEO Forest, there are trees of every size. There are towering trees that seem to reach the sky. Then there are a variety of trees of many sizes. Some are also quite tall. Then, there are shorter trees. Those of which you could probably […]

Getting Your Business On The Map

It is surprising how many medical treatment facilities are not on the maps. When I say, not on the map, I am mainly referring to Google Maps. Many businesses are not listed at all or they are listed but not claimed. What does it mean for your business not to be claimed? This means that […]