Social Media Optimization

Social media is the new frontier and the marketplace of the future. Let us help to design and manage your social media campaign. In the confusion and noise of trolls and bots and others who may drown out your efforts, we bring direction and clarity to help your message come through loud and clear.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMO: The Human Connection

If SEO is like the self-driving car of the future, SMO is the network of human passengers along for the ride. We all know what social media is. Facebook has billions of daily unique human users. Other up and coming social networks have sold for billions of dollars. Therefore, social media is a force of human connection in the present and the future.

Go to where your customers are.

Your customers are all on social media. This provides a unique opportunity to find them with a high level of granularity. Hence, in your campaign, you can specify all parameters that define your ideal client. Age, gender, interests, orientation, education level, schools, topics of conversation and more. Social media provides these categories and more to build your advertising campaign.

Be very careful in navigating the SMO waters.

You may be tempted to just dive in after reading the last paragraph. Just pick your audience and start promoting your product. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Social media users do not appreciate hard selling advertising. In fact, they have learned to ignore it. So, if you push to hard, your audience will push you away.

Companies must make a connection with each member of their audience.

The key is to provide value and connection before asking for a sale. So, you must learn to speak to your audience. Listen to them and respond to their needs. Provide assistance and answers. Make your services known, but don’t force this information on your audience. Being genuine is important.

In conclusion, it is of the utmost importance to form a real connection with members of your audience. Social Media is not the marketing blast of traditional advertising such as TV and radio. You are not putting up a billboard on the highway. Your future patients and customers are not looking up at billboards. They are connecting with social media on their phones and devices.