Medical Addiction Services

Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services

SEO is the future of advertising. It means creating useful and interesting content for your target market. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and other multibillion dollar corporations are creating the next generation of artificial intelligence

Website Management: Design and Structure Optimization

There are many important details to consider when it comes to website design and optimization. The ideal website is not a flashy or a pretty page. If you want customers to find you and stay at your site, don’t pack it with overwhelming detail.

Social Media Optimization

Social media is the new frontier and the marketplace of the future. Let us help to design and manage your social media campaign. In the confusion and noise of trolls and bots and others who may drown out your efforts, we bring direction and clarity to help your message come through loud and clear.

Keyword Analysis

Analysis of keywords and phrases is one of several primary services which must be taken very seriously. Keyword selection may be the most important decision you make when beginning an SEO content marketing campaign. Therefore, this decision must be made carefully. We will take your proposed keywords and do extensive research to determine the keyword phrases which will perform best for your business.

Competitive Analysis

The best place to start when marketing your business is to take a good look at your competition. Let your competitors help you to do the heavy lifting. They have spent a fortune blazing the trail. So, now you may benefit from our careful research of the marketing efforts of your best competitors.

Industry Specific Marketing

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of your niche market. That is why we have limited the customers that we accept to those looking for medical addiction marketing. This is a language which we speak fluently and with many years of experience. Let’s work together to improve the lives of our customers, clients and patients.

Pay Per Click Management

If you choose to also run a PPC campaign, let us help you to optimize your keywords and ads to maximize your returns and minimize your investment of time and money. PPC can be confusing and expensive for the inexperienced. We have extensive experience in keeping PPC under control.

Affiliate Management

Managing affiliate campaigns made easy. Don’t let the details distract you from your core business. Let us help to manage your affiliate campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are when shoppers become customers. Small changes in your overall online marketing efforts can lead to large conversion increases. We know how to optimize this process.

Conversion Analysis Report

High quality feedback makes it possible to redirect a marketing campaign and get back on course. We provide reports with analysis that is easy to follow and will help you to communicate your needs to our team.

Email Marketing

The best source of customers is your existing customer and contact base. A strong email marketing campaign can help you to maintain lines of communication and to provide an ongoing reminder to your contact list of your services. You have worked hard and dedicated resources to building a list of business leads. Don’t let this list go to waste. We can manage and optimize your email marketing campaign.