The Meteor Has Already Struck

Impact. A cloud of dust, large enough to darken the entire planet, has been kicked up into the atmosphere. Large dinosaurs lumber about, dazed and confused. Small mammals scurry about, taking advantage of a new world where they can finally thrive. Rehab for sale signs are going up. Hence, the dinosaur carcasses are on the auction block.

So, why are things changing now? Why are we seeing rehab for sale everywhere?

We are at a turning point where a confluence of events have brought about massive change in a short time. First of all, traditional rehab has been selling a product that is mostly a failure. It works for a small percentage of patients, which is fine when there is no better solution. Now, in the midst of an opioid epidemic, we have real medical treatment that works and many rehabs still reject it. That is true insanity.

Embracing change.

Fortunately, some rehabs are adapting and now are including MAT programs. For this, we should applaud them. Others have resisted adding medical treatment programs that work. While they may believe they are doing the right thing, they may soon face serious liability issues.

Teaching a person to fish.

As they say, teach a person to fish and they will be fed for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many rehabs have a bad habit of only wanting to buy their fish. What this means is that this new world requires that businesses learn to own their marketing systems. Learning to build your brand is hard, but it is now an essential skill. Gone are the days when you can fully outsource your business’s marketing. No where is this more true than in the addiction treatment industry. Some say they are addicted to the old model of marketing as this article puts it.

The Dawning of a new era.

As large rehabs go out of business and put up the rehab for sale signs, we should not mourn their loss. In the midst of the falling of these old, stately dinosaurs, there is a groundswell of small and agile treatment programs that understand how adapt in this new world. They understand how to use evidence based treatments to get better results. Additionally, they know how to connect and to build a following that will keep them in business for many years to come.