How are you providing value to those who reach out to you?

In the addiction treatment business, as your marketing efforts improve, you will get a lot of calls from people whom you cannot help directly. It may be that they are seeking a service that you do not provide. Or, it could be that they have insurance that you do not accept. They may be a perfect fit for your program, yet, they are out of your physical region and travel is not practical.  So, how will you be providing value to these callers?

How do you handle these calls?

You may find yourself quickly dismissing those callers who do not meet your criteria. You may see their calls as a waste of your time.

Of course, the ideal in marketing, is to focus your advertising in such a way to minimize these calls. You hope that you only get calls from people that are a good match. The people whom you can schedule to come in for treatment. In a perfect world, you may think this is how it should work.

It’s not all about conversion rates.

While I agree that marketing should be focused and targeted to lead to as high a conversion rate as possible, the addiction treatment field is unique. We are not selling time share plans. And, we are not selling motivational sales courses. We are reaching out to people who desperately need our help.

We all know that meetings are free.

Believe it or not, people who are not aware of 12-step fellowships will find your website, your YouTube video or your Google Maps listing. It takes very little effort to give a little free advice.

Imagine the difference you might make in someone’s life with a simple, brief discussion about NA or AA meetings. You might also mention Celebrate Recovery or another recovery program if you sense it to be appropriate.

Even if the person on the other end of the call already knows about recovery meetings, your reminder could be the little push they need to go back again. A few words of encouragement can go a long way.

We are providing value by pointing people in the right direction.

Also, for people seeking medication assisted treatment, there are free resources for finding local doctors. If a caller is out of your area, it doesn’t hurt to mention that they might go to the SAMHSA doctor finder or Treatment Match. These programs are providing value.

You can also keep a list of patient assistance programs and advise people on free programs that are available. There are free medication programs. Also, there are free inpatient and detox programs. It can help even to mention the existence of such assistance programs so the caller may do their own research.

Helping an addict who asks for help is the right thing to do.

When you help someone to get help, you may try to see how it will benefit you. It is very well possible that it will benefit you in some way. The caller may come back to you in the future for your services because you were so helpful. They may refer other people who qualify for your program.

The best reason to help as many of your callers as possible is because it is the right thing to do. We work in an industry where we reach out to people who need guidance and direction. They have taken a difficult step in asking for your help. Please, even if you cannot provide a direct service to that person, do whatever you can to help them on their journey to recovery.