The most important thing of all.

If there is one thing that you get out of this website, it is this: own what you build. By build, I mean anything that you spend money or time on to improve your business. It seems almost obvious. Why would you do anything else?

It happens all the time.

At all stages of work, career and building a business, it is common to throw away time and money that can never be recovered. Take stock of where you currently stand and make plans to move forward. For your future success, you need to put your time, effort and money into your own creations.

What to do if you are working a job.

If you are currently working at a job as an employee or contractor, think about what you are building that belongs to you. It is possible that you are in a contract where anything you create belongs to your employer. It may be hard to separate out what belongs to you. All is not lost if you are in this situation. You can learn from a job and develop skills and experience. You can work at home on ideas and intellectual property to be developed for the future, when you are free from employer and contract.

If you are building a business.

If you are a business owner, take inventory of the areas in which you spend money, time and effort. One area that can be difficult to resolve is real estate. You may not own your building and it may not be reasonable to do so. Put this aside for now, but even your work space ownership is something to strive for eventually. Next, consider you marketing strategy. How are you reaching customers? Are you paying money to various advertising agencies? Is social media a source of customer contacts?

Be careful where you spend your time, money and effort.

Building someone else’s business. Be careful how much time and effort you put into social media. Especially personal time. These sites are designed to draw you in and take up as much of your time and mental energy as possible. That is what fuels their success. If your time and effort converts to new customer contacts, it may be worth it as part of your marketing strategy. Just keep in mind that when you use social media, you are working on a platform that does not belong to you. You are giving away your materials for free to multi-billion dollar corporations to fuel their growth.

Build your own.

In developing a marketing strategy, the best plan is to build your own platform. This can start with a simple website. Then, you need to consider driving traffic to this site. Be creative. Look for ways to do it that cost little or no money. You will also want to start a blog and contribute to it regularly. Writing a book in your field of expertise is also a great idea. All it takes is a few hundred words each day. Before you know it, you will have a busy blog and a finished book, ready to publish. Make your own videos. You don’t need a production company. Are you a musician? Record your own music. Artist? Create your own art.

Practice makes perfect.

As long as you are the owner of your creations, they have the potential to evolve in new directions and lead to new sources of business and profit. You don’t have to be the best. With practice, you will get better. And, you will own your work. As you attract customers, followers and fans, start to build a community. Consider hosting a forum. Forums can be a source of income all by themselves. When your community gets large enough, you can offer different levels of access and services.


Never stop thinking of new ways to build and promote your business. Think of ways you can grow into new areas, starting from where you are now. The important thing is to always refer back to your compass and make sure you are going in the right direction. I am talking about the compass that tells you if you are going towards building things that you own as opposed to building things that belong to other people.