It is surprising how many medical treatment facilities are not on the maps.

When I say, not on the map, I am mainly referring to Google Maps. Many businesses are not listed at all or they are listed but not claimed.

What does it mean for your business not to be claimed?

This means that you have not associated your Google account with your map listing. This might seem complicated, but it’s not.

First, you need a Google Account.

One easy way to sign up with Google is to set up a new email account at You simply choose the new account setup option. Then, fill in all of the requested information.

Second, go to and search for Google My Business.

Here, you will be able to sign in with your Google account and claim your business.  You can also find it by clicking here. If you have multiple Google accounts, check the upper right corner to make sure you are signed in to the correct account.

Third, fill in the important information about your business.

You will, of course, have to enter the address. This is how Google Maps will know where you are located.  When you enter your business name, be accurate.  Google’s automated artificially intelligent systems will flag errors and information that is not consistent with your actual business.  Entering your hours of business will be very helpful to your customers to know when you are open and when you are closed.

Fourth, verify your business.

Your business will not appear as claimed if you do not verify. When you choose the option to verify, you will enter information to arrange for a postcard.  The postcard will arrive within a week or two.  On the postcard is a number code.  This number will be used to verify your business listing with Google. This process is to protect you from having strangers or competitors take over your business listing.

You may see an increase in business from setting up your map listing.

It is typical for businesses to see an increase in phone calls and customers after setting up this maps listing. You were literally hidden from view before setting this up.  Businesses that previously relied on word-of-mouth referrals and street visibility may have not considered the importance of internet presence. Today’s customers all carry smart phones that can easily search and locate nearby businesses on the map.  If you are not there, they will not find you.

Let us know if you need help.

As part of our SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing service for medical addiction businesses, we routinely set up and optimize maps listings on multiple map systems, including Google, Apple and Bing.  If you find this process confusing or difficult, please contact us for more information about our services.