Overcoming First Month Stress

If you are starting a new medical practice, you know exactly what I mean. After putting in the work to get the doors open, there is that sinking feeling, day after day, when few if any patients walk through the doors. You wonder if your new business is going to make it. You start asking around about how to get patients to come in.

The Secret Is Online.

The future and present of medical marketing to get more patients is online. While there are traditional ways to market a medical practice, they are declining fast. For example, you can get some results by renting or owning a great physical location. However, truly great locations are often very expensive. You must consider the cost of a high visibility location to be a part of your marketing costs. Additionally, there are various options for print and radio marketing. Unfortunately, newspapers, magazines and radio spots are money pits for the new practice. It is unlikely that you can spend enough money for long enough to make these methods work.

How to get patients with social media.

Social media optimization can be one place to start. In the beginning, when you have more time to work on marketing because you have no patients, you can focus on social media. It takes a lot of work to manage the multiple accounts on different platforms that you will need to reach your audience. I recommend being careful about automation.  Excessive repetitive ads on social media will turn off potential new patients. In fact, you will want to provide useful and valuable information to gain new followers.

Search Engine Optimization

The holy grail of online marketing is optimizing search ranking. While you can pay per click to have your business come up above search results, it costs a lot of money. Besides being very expensive, many potential new patients will skip right past the ads to look for useful information to help them solve their own problems. This is where you need to be. If you can consistently provide value, the search engines will reward you by ranking your website higher in search results. This is because you are benefiting the search engine by being a solid source of useful information for their customers. Remember that the key to being successful is in providing value.  Helping people with your expert knowledge is how to get patients to come in to your new practice.