We Need Safe Injection Sites Everywhere

Incredibly, there are still people who do not believe that we need to provide clean needles to drug abusers. The fact is that Safe Injection Sites save lives. By giving out sterile needles and testing street heroin, we can help reduce the spread of disease and unnecessary drug overdoses.

What do clean needles have to do with Addiction Marketing?

While I think this should be obvious, let’s discuss how advertising for addiction treatment programs relates to providing safe injection sites. First, we should ask ourselves why we are in this business. If our primary goal is to help people to overcome addiction, then we should be prepared to help in any way possible. Furthermore, the most successful businesses go beyond worrying about profits. They have a mission to accomplish and the business is simply an expression of this mission. The most successful addiction programs will be those with a mission to help the addict to recover. Supporting community harm reduction programs is an important step to saving more lives.

Will Safe Injection Sites lead to more crime and drug use in the community?

If there is already a need for heroin testing and clean needles, then the crime and drug use is already happening. It may be hidden away in back alleys and dark parking lots, but there are already people using heroin and risking their lives with dirty needles and unsafe street drugs. When we help, we are not increasing crime rates. As reported here, clean needles save lives.

Where do our patients come from?

Do you think about what your patients have been through before walking through your door? Sometimes, we forget about their struggles. In fact, we often prefer not to think about the horrors of active addiction. Yet, we must always keep in mind that our patients have truly suffered and struggled to survive. We must be there for them even before they are ready to ask for help.