About us


About Us

About Medical Addiction Marketing

Who we are

We are an organization dedicated to building online marketing campaigns for medical addiction treatment programs. Our experience is in with
doctors and treatment programs

About why we do this

We have many years of experience in working with addiction treatment physicians and facilities. It is our mission to carry the message of medical options to facilitate recovery.

About Our founder

Medical Addiction Marketing was founded by a physician who has made the treatment of addiction the primary focus of his practice. He was able to use his extensive knowledge of
technology and computer programming to build a system and a team to create a powerful marketing force.
This system reaches patients effectively by providing useful
information and optimizes all elements of a campaign for search engines.

The Medical Addiction Marketing difference

There are many companies and individuals who will build you a pretty website. They may fill it with pretty pictures and animations. They may pack it with details about your business. There are also those who claim to be experts in the field of addiction marketing. They may have a history of working in the field of addiction counseling and treatment. Our experience lies at the intersection of medical addiction treatment and internet marketing
technology. Therefore, we are among the best in the field

Let us help you to build an effective campaign

We are selective in who we choose to work with. Hence, we want to help people who need help to reach only the best doctors and treatment programs. So, let’s talk and discuss the possibility of working together to build a simple, yet powerful marketing campaign to help you to reach new patients. So, if you are willing to help people, then we are committed to helping you.